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Tattoos by Heather Pilapil

Currently Heather is the only tattoo artist in the gallery.

Heather is a fine artist by trade and is focused on creating permanent art on skin.

All tattoos Heather does focus on custom art on skin. Tattooing is a beautiful art that is carried for life and cannot be taken away. This artist does not like to limit herself to one specific style or subject. Heather aims to please and wants to create something a person has always wanted on their skin without having to make compromises. Schedule your free remote 30 minute consult today to talk with her about what you want and get a price quote.

Heather charges hourly per 15 minutes currently at $175 an hour (subject to change). $75 deposits are required for designs that take longer than 30 minutes and less than 3 hours. Design deposits are to pay for her time to design and do not go towards the tattoo $75 deposits are required for appointments at least a week in advance and are non-refundable Appointment deposits go towards the tattoo session as long as customer arrives ontime. Her shop minimum is $75 and covers any job taking less than 30 minutes.  We give 15% off to all serving and retired military, as well as firefighters, and police officers in the line of fire. (those who risk their lives to protect others) We give 10% off for immediate family of military with military IDs, firefighters, and police. We give 10% off for first tattoos (must be 18 years or older with valid ID) Heather offers free remote 30 minute consults. Contact us to book your appointment today! Because Heather can get busy and runs the business by herself, appointments are now required.


Clean, quality shop:

Heather prides herself in using high quality products and striving to be the cleanest shop in town. Her tattoo room has been described as looking like a doctor's office or dentist's office and she tends to be a bit OCD about cleanliness and sterility. She uses almost exclusively Intenze Inks which are made in the USA and are vegan. She also uses Mast Archer Wireless tattoo machines that are rotary pen style. Heather is left handed and stands out from the crowd because she has no tattoos herself. She tattoos for the art, not the image. By being extremely clean, offering quality custom tattoos, and refusing to fit the typical mold of a tattoo artist, Heather is making a name for herself. Her kindness and cutomer service skills alone make her different from many of the tattoo artists you meet. She has a "the customer is always right" mentality and works hard to make everyone happy and comfortable. You even get to pick what kind of music you want to listen to or what streaming TV show/movie you want to watch while getting your tattoo.  Don't take our word for it! Visit her Yelp page and see all the amazing reviews she receives!

    For personal reasons, Heather is now "by appointment only":

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, & Sat: 11:00-5:30

Wednesday & Sunday: Closed

We encourage you to reach out to her via text or email to make an appointment for a free 30 minute remote consult or tattoo.

Text: (951)551-5706


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