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Heather Pilapil is very crafty by nature. She loves trying new things and easily bores doing the same thing day in and day out. She also has a husband and two children to support, so she likes to open herself up to any income she can make to pay the bills. Below are some of her more popular side services she offers, but if you are looking for something not listed here, feel free to contact her to see if she would be willing and able to help you, or if not, she may know someone who can.

Custom glass painting:


Heather started experimenting with glass painting during the winter holiday season of 2013 and it was a huge hit! Her custom glass arts gained instant popularity and she received more orders than she could handle at times (a good thing). So please keep her in mind for any custom glass painting you may require. You can provide your own glass items, or she does have a selection of glass items you can choose from.



  • Ornaments: $50-$150 each

  • Drinking glasses: $60-$250 each

  • Vases/larger glass items: $80-$350


If ordering multiple items, bulk discounts are available upon request. Contact us to get a price quote and make an order.


Once cured, glasses are top rack dishwasher safe and because they are only painted on the outside, the inside can be used and scrubbed. Clear glasses are painted so they look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside.



Heather loves to paint murals! The jobs are few and far between, but any time she gets to do one, it's like a wonderful vacation!


Just like all the other services she offers, she does not like to limit herself to one particular style or size.


Because Heather doesn't do these things very often, she does not have a set pricing plan. She handles these jobs on a per-client basis. She tries to stick to a $60 per hour quoting system, but that can range up or down a bit depending on size and intricacy. Also, if the job is a bit of a distance from her typical stomping grounds, she may choose to add a travel fee to make it worth her while.


Heather is always fair in her pricing and will always establish a price quote range that will have a top price that she will not go over. Contact us for a quote.

Body Art:


Heather likes to dabble a bit in body art, especially around Halloween. 


She uses Snazaroo body paints and all natural henna paste imported from the far east.

Unfortunately body paints can only be done on adults now. No more children. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


If you are interested in henna, please make an appointment with Heather at least 2 days in advance so that she can defrost her frozen fresh henna paste in time for your body art.


Prices vary by job, but are always reasonable. 


Contact us for a quote.

"Pinterest" projects:


Heather gets crafty especially around the holidays. 


She's very good at sign painting and loves working with wood, fabric, wire, hot glue guns, etc. 


Do you have that awesome Pinterest project you wanted to do for your home, but don't have the time or skill level to complete it? Call Heather! She can do it for you!


Prices vary by job, but are always reasonable. 


Contact us for a quote.

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