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Heather Pilapil

Heather has been a professional artist for over a decade. She is a 4 time winner of the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival poster contest. She graduated Magna Cum Laude of her class in 2006 with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts: Drawing and Painting from Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, CA. For Heather, art always comes first. That is why when you walk into her art gallery/tattoo shop, the art gallery is the first thing you see; the tattoo room is separate, and in the back.    Just like her tattoos, Heather draws and paints with the utmost quality and longevity in mind. She was highly trained in classical portraiture and this intense training shines through in her artwork. All of her original artwork is created to last 50-100 years or more. And each piece comes with a hand signed certificate of authenticity attatched to the back.    Heather takes comissions for original custom artwork. Contact her to schedule a free consult.   This artist thrives on variety and also offers other side services, including, but not limited to murals, body painting, henna, glass painting, and sign painting. See other services for more details.

Artist Statement My name is Heather Pilapil, and I’m an artist. I’ve loved art since I was very young. I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and trying new things. My range is pretty extensive, running from your generic drawing and painting exploits, to knitting and crocheting (both blankets/clothing and amigurumi), to painting helmets and glass and walls, and everywhere in-between. I get easily bored and even more easily inspired, so my work can range quite a bit in style, subject, and medium. But the thing that unifies them all is my love of life and the beauty of the world around me. I see a tree I like, I paint it. I see a bird I like, I draw it. Then factor in how much I love doing commissions and specific orders for artworks for people who are unable to do these things themselves. These pieces, that are often outside my comfort zone, allow me to learn even more to represent what the client wants the best I can, are what makes life worth living. I have a rare bone disease called fibrous dysplasia. My bones are very weak, and I break them often. I suffer from chronic, unrelenting pain, and that’s when my bones aren’t broken. When I was diagnosed at 12, a specialist told my mom I would be bedridden by the time I was 18. In that moment, I decided to do as much as I can, as long as I can. As soon as I get the idea to do something, I just do it. My mindset is, I need to do it now, because I don’t want to end up stuck in bed tomorrow, and wish I had done the thing when I was still able. Regret is my biggest fear, and my life since 12 has been to avoid it at all costs. Because of this mindset, I have done so many things already, and I have so many stories to tell. As I approach my 39th birthday and still am not bedridden, I still relish each day and do the things I want to do as soon as I think of them. My physical future is still undetermined, and I still could be stuck in my bed for the rest of my life tomorrow. Because my life outlook is so focused on doing as much as I can as long as I can, I try my best not to pigeon-hole myself into one thing. That goes back to the reason my “style” varies so widely. I don’t like to limit myself and I absolutely adore trying new things. I try to learn at least 3 new things each day and jump at any chance to do anything new. My viewpoint on the world in a nutshell is quite different than most and I’m always aware our next moments are not guaranteed. I feel my work reflects that.


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